stop’s story

Our History


– Jeff and Kim Fischer open Video Rental Systems in Bellevue, KY at same location of liquor store. The building was about 5 separate businesses.


– Mallory and Whitney began doing odds and ends things at the video store—cleaning, stocking, wrapping.


– The man who owned the entire building and also owned the liquor store, decided to sell it all. Jeff and Kim bought the building in order to preserve the video store. In consequence, they acquired the liquor store.

1999 – 2003

– Whitney and Mallory held regular jobs at the video store and occasionally cleaned bottles and shelves at the liquor store. The liquor store also expanded during these years, knocking down walls and making the liquor store bigger and bigger.




The video store closed down and the liquor store expanded into the entire building. Whitney and Mallory are currently in college.

During the college years, Whitney continued to work at the liquor store whenever she was needed.


As a junior in college, Whitney assumed management duties at the liquor store and worked 3 days a week to help run the store.


Whitney graduated from Xavier University with Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies. She started full time at One Stop the following week, taking over operations and management.


Mallory joined the team as the office manager.


Jeff Fischer bought the BP gas station next to the liquor store, also to preserve business at One Stop.


Mallory had her first baby.


Whitney had her first baby.


Mallory had her second baby in January. Whitney had her second baby in July.


Still rocking it today.